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Create a culture where everyone accepts and invites.

As a leader you need to create a culture in your piece of the organization where everyone accepts responsibility and invites accountability.

This is a culture where people accept responsibility for their words, actions, and decisions. When they screw up, and they will, they stand up and own up. When you screw up, and you will, you stand up and own up.

This is a culture where everyone also invites constructive accountability. A culture where it is not only safe to hold each other to account for our words, actions, and decisions, but it is expected. It is not only a right; it is a responsibility and an obligation to each other. Everyone understands it is their responsibility to have courageous conversations with their peers and their leader when his or her behavior violates your core valuesand falls below the line. They do it because it is the right thing to do, and because they care enough about each other to do it.

This is a culture of candor, curiosity, and psychological safety. This culture starts with you. You need to create the climate and set the example. You need to be patient, persistent and consistent. You need to be willing to take the blame and give away the credit. You need to have a high level of awareness and action. You need to be a leader, not a boss.

Culture is a long-term project and a team sport. Sell it, don’t force it. Nurture it don’t, demand it.

Take care.

Brian Willis

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