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Footprints in the Sand

Brian Willis

“Are the footprints I am leaving in the sand worth following?” This is an important question every leader needs to continue to ask him or herself. Why? because as a leader you are continually leaving footprints in the sand.

As a leader you serve as a role model to those who choose to follow the footprints you are leaving. You do not get a vote. You get to choose who your role models are. Others will choose whether or not you are a role model for them.

You leave footprints in the sand through your daily actions. People will pay more attention to what you do than what you say. If your actions are not congruent with your words, they will see your actions as a more accurate reflection of your true beliefs.

And yes, for those of you who also live in the land of the cold and the snow you can ask yourself, “Are the footprints I am leaving in the snow worth following?”

Remember that leading and striving for greatness are both choices and journeys.

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Brian Willis