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Shine the light on your people; not yourself.

I see some people in leadership positions who use social media to shine a light on the great work their people are doing. While I am not a big user of social media, I applaud that.

I see other people in leadership positions who use social media to shine the light on the “great things” they are doing. I have concerns about that.

Brag about your people and if you are doing a great job as a leader they will brag about you. A leader’s job is to invest in, develop, coach, mentor and shine a light on his or her people. It is not about you. It is about the people you have the privilege and honor to lead, coach and mentor. Your job is to be the wise and humble mentor and make them the hero.

In growing your people you need to create a weed free environment for them to thrive, provide the nourishment and support they need to grow and then get out of the way and let the sun shine on them.

Seek ways to shine the light on your people, not on yourself.

Remember that leadership is a choice and a journey and it starts with you. Choose well, keep learning and enjoy the journey.

Brian Willis

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