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Words have power.

As a leader you need to be very conscious of the language you use. Words have power. Think of the meaning and inference of the following language I hear from people in formal leadership positions:

  • “The people under me.”
  • “The people I am over.”
  • “The people at the bottom of the organization chart.”
  • “Menial tasks.”
  • “The lowest jobs.”
  • “The people I am in charge of.”
  • “The people who work for me.”

Your position and title do not put you “over” or “above” anyone else. As a leader your job is to work for the people in your charge, to invest in them, look after them, develop them and provide top cover for them. The men and women on the front lines of your organization are not at the “bottom” of the organization, they are the foundation of the organization. All jobs and tasks are critical to the organization being able to function at the highest level and the people who perform those tasks are a critical piece of the infrastructure.

Words have power. Choose your words carefully.

Take care.

Brian Willis

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